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Settlement-level Actor Mapping (SLAM)

Welcome to the settlement-level actor mapping visualisation.

In order to support localisation in the Uganda refugee response, and increase and facilitate connection between national-level and settlement-level stakeholders, Charter 4 Change Uganda Working Group with support from U-Learn, RELON, and other organisations, are making information about local and refugee – led organisations active in refugee settlements and Kampala publicly available on the SLAM visualisation.


Note that this mapping is only a reflection of settlement-level actors reporting presence in the refugee response. It is not a validation or endorsement of any organisation. 

The Office of the Prime Minister and UNHCR, as co-leads of the refugee response, hold the authority and responsibility for all such matters.


Local and refugee-led organisations that are included in this visualisation include Refugee-Led Organisations (RLOs), Community Based Organisations (CBOs), Local and National NGOs and private sector actors. International NGOs are included in the Uganda refugee response coordination system sector mappings, which can be found on the Uganda Comprehensive Refugee response portal: Uganda Comprehensive Refugee response portal and the Government of Uganda Refugee Response Monitoring System.



How to Use the Map

The map of Uganda displayed below shows the 13 refugee settlements, and Kampala as an urban centre where refugees are settled. The map is the entry point for the visualisation. Please click one or multiple settlements on the map; these will be pre-selected as filters. To unselect a settlement, click on the name again. Click on the ‘START’ button at the bottom when you’re ready to see the organisations that are active in those settlements. On the next page you can add more filters, see your selection, and see details about the organisations that are part of the mapping.

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Are your organization details not included in the settlement-level actor mapping, or would you like to update your existing information? Send us your details by filling in the short form (it only takes 5 minutes!).

Criteria for Inclusion


All information included in the settlement-level actor mapping visualisation was provided by the organisations themselves. U-Learn is not responsible for the factual correctness of the visualised data. Care is taken to update the visualization on a regular basis, but some information visualised might be outdated. Please update your information by filling in the following form.