Uganda Refugee News – December 2021

Uganda Refugee News – December 2021

Welcome to Edition 24

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Ever the optimist, I have a feeling 2022 is going to be better for us all – admittedly that wouldn’t be very hard, but we definitely deserve it!

A new year is the time for us to reflect on our achievements from last year and set ambitious goals for the year to come. My goal is to double the reach of the newsletter, so that more folk can benefit from all the excellent research and learning that is being produced and you can help – if everyone sends this newsletter onto one contact and they sign up ,here, I will have reached my years goal in the first month – Yay!

Submissions are always welcome – please send to and wherever possible, they will be included in the next version.

Sector specific:


Children on the Edge – Cluster Learning in Kyaka II, Uganda – Watch the Event Video
Education International – UNATU’s experience supporting teachers in refugee areas
International Journal of Educational Development – No right to read: National regulatory restrictions on refugee rights to formal education in low- and middle-income host countries – a closer look at the cases of Uganda and Bangladesh, two countries that host some of the world’s largest refugee populations, yet have ompletely different legal regimes in place for refugee education, with resulting variation in education programs and outcomes. Our findings support the need to improve access to education among refugees, and we conclude with recommendations for both policy and future research.
Oxfam – Funding the ERP: Analysis of funding for the implementation of the Education Response Plan (ERP) for refugees and host communities
University of Edinburgh – Blended learning in refugee education – An interim report on the Foundations for All project in Kampala and Kiryandongo, Uganda


NEW – UNSW – Policy Brief 12 – Comparative perspectives on airport asylum procedures before and during the COVID-19 pandemic
Global Press Journal – ‘No One Helped’: Refugees Lack Vital Mental Health Care – Suicide attempts are rising in Uganda’s settlements as a vulnerable population struggles to obtain needed services.
Oxfam International et al – A People’s Vaccine for Refugees Ensuring access to COVID-19 vaccines for refugees and other displaced people
Queen’s University Belfast – ‘When you are dirty, you don’t have confidence in you’: The ‘good life’, personal appearance, and mental health of Congolese refugees in Rwanda and Uganda
SN Applied Sciences – Okra (,Abelmoschus esculentus,) in a refugee context in East Africa: Kitchen gardening helps with mineral provision
Social Science and Medicine – The ‘good life’, personal appearance, and mental health of Congolese refugees in Rwanda and Uganda
University of Munich – Formative research – an essential step in developing and adapting health interventions and policies in low- and lower-middle income countries
UNHCR – COVID-19 Risk Communication
UNICEF – Sweden and Uganda partner to improve nutrition in West Nile


Govt of Netherlands/IFC – Consumer and market study in Southwest and West Nile refugee-hosting areas in Uganda – This study explores economic activities, employment trends, consumption levels, access to finance, and consumer preferences of refugees and host communities in Uganda’s largest refugee-hosting areas. The aim is to understand the potential market of the eight reviewed districts and identify possible entry points for the private sector. Among the key findings, the study identified a large consumer market, worth about $485 million measured as annual consumption expenditure, and the potential to develop agribusiness value chains, formalize access to finance and engage private companies in the provision of solar products.
CG/REACH/USAID – Assessment of Financial Service Providers – Cash and Voucher Assistance in Uganda (November 2021)


World Vision Uganda –
WASH Capacity Statement
,Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (2021 – 2025)


,NEWAccountability to refugees during the COVID-19 pandemic: Exploring the Humanitarian Response in Uganda and Bangladesh
The Amahoro Collection – 36 Million Solutions Forum- Africa Private Sector Forum on Froced Displacement took place in Rwanda Nov 30- Dec 2 – Policy Makers Must Review Responsiveness of Global Compact for Refugees to Urbanization in East Africa
Factsheet – Uganda (Last updated 20/12/2021)
Sudan and Uganda: €13.1 million in additional humanitarian funding to Africa’s Upper Nile region – The EU has allocated €13.1 million in additional humanitarian funding to Africa’s Upper Nile region, to help mitigate the consequences of the food crisis in Sudan and Uganda.

EU – EUTF Monitoring and Learning System – HoA – S1 2021 REPORT COVERING UNTIL 30 JUNE 2021
FEWS-Net –
Uganda Price Bulletin, December 2021
Uganda Price Bulletin, November 2021

GoU – Uganda Active Population Population by settlement: November 2021
Inter-Agency Coordination Group meeting – December 2021
Refugee Statistics November 2021
Refugee Statistics Map – November 2021
Refugee Statistics October 2021 – Adjumani; Kyangwali; Palorinya; Nakivale; Rhino; Palabek; Rwamwanja; Oruchinga; Lobule; Kyaka II, Kiryandongo, Kampala; Imvepi, Bidi Bidi

IOM – Uganda Multi-Hazard Infographic – Response/DRR Platform (10 December 2021)
Durable solutions to migration challenges in East Africa and the Horn – Migration challenges facing sending and receiving states have pushed the issue to the top of policy debates.
Video – Durable solutions to forced migration in East Africa – Forced migration in East Africa is driven by conflict and underdevelopment. Regional responses can build on Uganda’s success.

JIEPH – Evaluation of the Surveillance System in Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement, Kiryandongo District, Uganda, April 2017
REACH/WFP- Market Monitor – Refugee Hosting Areas | Refugee Settlement Price and Market Functionality Snapshot, 1-31 October 2021
Sport in Society –
“They play together, they laugh together’: Sport, play and fun in refugee sport projects
(paid for content) Participatory action research and visual and digital methods with refugees in Kampala, Uganda: process, ethical complexities, and reciprocity

ThirdWorld Quarterly – (paid for content) – Who depends on whom? Uganda’s refugee ‘success story’, corruption and the international community – This article argues how the perceived success [of Uganda’s refugee response] created a situation of mutual dependency between the Ugandan government and the international community and that the mutual dependency provided a fertile breeding ground for corruption, and negatively impacted accountability.
Uganda Radio Network – There Are Up to 100,000 Undocumented Refugees in Kampala-Lord Mayor
UNICEF – Humanitarian Action for Children 2022 – Uganda
University of Toronto – Refugee Welfare Councils as Spaces of Local Citizenship Production: The Case of Adjumani District, Uganda
Congolese refugees torn between returning home or remaining in exile – While sporadic fighting continues in parts of eastern DR Congo, thousands who fled to Uganda have chosen to return. Others, uncertain about the future, have opted to stay.
The first Global Compact High-Level Officials Meeting took place on 14 and 15 December 2021. Recording of the sessions can be found on the HLOM webcast recording and Uganda is mentioned in statements and speeches by: Iceland, World Bank.UNHCR data center; Malta; ITC, Amahoro Collection and Ireland
Burundi Joint Regional Refugee Response Plan 2022
Assessment Technical WG meeting minutes December 2021
ATWG FSNA presentation December 2021
East and Horn of Africa and the Great Lakes – GRF Update Report – October 2021

U-Learn – Digital Financial literacy training in Uganda’s refugee response Webinar Recording
US Embassy – Uganda – Report to the Ugandan people – from the U.S. Mission in Uganda 2021 – pg 11 discusses the refugee response

Training, Events etc:

Challenge Fund for Youth Solutions – Call for Solutions – Uganda – Deadline – 31 January 2022
UNHCR – ,,Albert Einstein Academic Refugee Initiative (DAFI) Scholarship Programme 2022 for Undergraduate Refugee Students, – ,,FAQs

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