Uganda Refugee News: Edition 12 – December 2020

Uganda Refugee News: Edition 12 – December 2020

Welcome to Edition 12

HAPPY NEW YEAR! – I wanted to take the opportunity to wish you all a healthy, happy and, finger crossed, less hectic 2021. Reflecting on the year past will take too much time and possibly be too depressing, suffice it to say, I don’t think there will be many who are too sad to see the back of it.
So instead lets look forward – this newsletter marks the end of Uganda Refugee News’ first year of existence – so HAPPY BIRTHDAY to URN! Our subscriber numbers continue to grow as does your engagement with the newsletter – click throughs etc, highlighting how much you want to increase your knowledge and understanding of different aspects of the refugee response in Uganda.

Thank you, once again, for all your efforts and for continuing to support URN. Feel free to send me (to anything you would like included in the next newsletter and please share this newsletter with anyone you think might be interested. They can sign up by clicking ,here

Sector specific:


UNHCR – Arua Operation Home Learning Continuity Report Assessment Conducted in Imvepi, Kiryandongo, Lobule and Rhino camp Refugee Settlements, July/August 2020
98% of Adjumani refugee nursery schools lack study materials


Landscape Analysis of Modern Energy Cooking in Displacement Setting – This report analyses the landscape of modern energy cooking in a diversity of displacement settings.It identifies the drivers and constraints for the transition from traditional biomass fuels to modern energy cooking.The study focuses on displacement settings in 15 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa (inc Uganda) and South-East Asia.
Opportunities for building nutrition-sensitive non-wood forest product value chains in Uganda
FAO – Sustainable and affordable energy solutions for refugee and host communities in Uganda


Prevalence and risk factors of multi drug resistant tuberculosis among refugees in the resettlement camps of Adjumani, Moyo and Yumbe Districts West Nile Region
A Social-Ecological Framework to Understand Barriers to HIV Clinic Attendance in Nakivale Refugee Settlement in Uganda: a Qualitative Study
Knowledge of cervical cancer risk factors and symptoms among women in a refugee settlement: a cross-sectional study in northern Uganda
University of York – A synthesis of key aspects of health systems and policy design affecting the refugee populations in Uganda
Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry – Annual Research Review: A multilevel bioecological analysis of factors influencing the mental health and psychosocial well‐being of refugee children
UNHCR – East and Horn of Africa, and the Great Lakes – COVID-19 emergency response, External Update #24
UNHCR- Uganda Settlement COVID-19 update:1st December; 3rd December; 8th December; 9th December
UNHCR – Mental health & psycho-social support partners in Uganda
AIDS Care – Gender, transactional sex, and HIV prevention cascade engagement among urban refugee and displaced adolescents and youth in Kampala,Uganda
UNHCR – Inter-agency report: refugee women and girls in Uganda disproportionately affected by COVID-19
Makerere University – Disabled and sidelined: Highlighting challenges facing refugee women and children with disabilities in Uganda’s refugee settlements


Refugee-Host Proximity and Market Creation in Uganda – this study analyses whether and to what extent the proximity to refugees increases the welfare and the level of economic activity of hosting-community households by generating incentives for economic exchanges. The results indicate that, beyond the possible effects due to the benefits provided by the agencies caring for refugees, the direct interaction between them and the hosts generates an increase in both the level and the characteristics of the economic activity carried out by the hosts. However, the market creation is limited to an approx 5km radius.
UNHCR- Using Socioeconomic Data to Promote Employment Solutions for Refugees in Uganda
IRC – COVID-19 and refugees’ economic opportunities, financial services and digital inclusion


,NEWEmpowered Aid: Participatory action research with refugee women & girls to better prevent sexual exploitation & abuse | Uganda Country Report
Journal of Global health – Understanding the role of interpersonal violence in assisted partner notification for HIV: a mixed-methods study in refugee settlements in West Nile Uganda
UNHCR/OPM- PSN Assessment Report, October 2019 for Rhino Camp; Imvepi; Lobule
UNHCR – Rhino Camp and Imvepi Refugee Settlements Suicide Assessment Report, July 2020


UNHCR – Age Gender Diversity Analysis of Calls received through the Feedback Referral and Resolution Mechanism Helpline (FRRM) in Uganda
Refugee Land User Policy and Its Impact on Refugee-Local Community Co-Existence in Nyumanzi Settlement,Adjumani District -Uganda – The findings revealed the refugee land policy as double-edged. Land sharing through rent, hire and borrowing have become more commonplace and instrumental in building positive relations between the two communities.On the other hand, the policy is associated with resource scarcity and disputed land boundaries caused by animals trespassing into hosts’ crop fields, which have be come critical threats to the co-existence between refugees and locals.
COVID-19 crisis offers lesson on climate response for refugees
UNHCR – Uganda Weekly Update (26 November 2020)
UNHCR – Democratic Republic of the Congo Situation – Regional Refugee Response Plan: Progress Report: January – June 2020
UNHCR – Refugee Statistics November 2020Adjumani; Bidi Bidi; Imvepi; Kampala; Kiryandongo; Kyaka II; Kyangwali; Lobule; Nakivale; Oruchinga; Palabek; Palorinya; Rhino; Rwamwanja;
UNHCR – Refugee Statistics Map November 2020
UNHCR – Active Population by Settlement – November 2020
FAO – GIEWS Country Brief: Uganda 9-December-2020
WFP – Uganda mVAM Bulletin: October 2020 Urban Food Security Monitoring
UNHCR – Regional Bureau for East And Horn of Africa, and the Great Lakes Region – Refugees, Asylum-Seekers, Refugee Returnees and IDPs (as of 31 November 2020)
UNHCR – Regional Bureau for East And Horn of Africa, and the Great Lakes Region – Refugees and Asylum-Seekers by country of asylum (as of 31 November 2020)
UNHCR – Voluntary Repatriation of Burundian Refugees, Update as of 30 November 2020
FEWS-NET – Uganda Price Bulletin, December 2020
UNICEF – Humanitarian Action for Children 2021 – Uganda
UNHCR – Uganda 2020 Funding Update (as of 8 December 2020)

Training, Events, Awards etc:

Webinar – 19 Jan 2021 – 10-11.30 (GMT+2) – Can the Global Compact ease East Africa’s refugee burden? Registration required
Award – 4YouthbyYouth – Adolescent engagement in HIV research in Africa. Deadline Jan 31. Adolescents across Africa are engaging in HIV research in innovative ways, setting a new standard for meaningful research engagement.Te purpose of this open call is to solicit creative ways adolescents (14-24) have participated in HIV research in Africa. Prizes include at least $250 for finalists.
Award – NOMINATIONS Deadline Mar 6: The International Children’s Peace Prize 2021 is awarded annually to a child who fights courageously for children’s rights.
Call for applications – Deadline Jan 22 – SDG Impact accelerator opens it second global call for for impact entrepreneurs to find innovative solutions for SDG-related complex development challenges. The Digital Agriculture Call addresses the digital agriculture challenge in Uganda. The general focus of this call is “Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure” which aims to build resilient infrastructure, promote sustainable industrialization, and foster innovation in agriculture. With this aspect, the program aims at urgent transformation of the current agri-food systems with innovative solutions after the COVID-19 pandemic.

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