Uganda Refugee News – September 2021

Uganda Refugee News – September 2021

Welcome to Edition 21

This month’s newsletter seems a bit ‘lite’ but that might be a reflection of the researcher rather than the reality of how much research is out there – who knows!

But the good news is, If more information is discovered after this has gone out, it will be added to the online version of the newsletter, that you can find – along with all the previous editions – on the website

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Sector specific:


GoU/UNHCR – Uganda COVID-19 Response 2020 -2021, Education Dashboard – Quarter 2, January – June 2021
RLP – English for Adults (EFA): The shelter of a positive change in life for refugees in Kyangwali Refugee settlement
NEW – World Vision Uganda –, Education Capacity Statement

Education Capacity Statement


GoU/UNHCR – Uganda Refugee Response: Environment and Energy dashboard Quarter 2 2021


Gou/UNHCR – Uganda Refugee Response Plan (RRP) 2020-2021, Health & Nutrition Dashboard – Quarter 2, January – June 2021
Globalization and Health – A chair at the table: a scoping review of the participation of refugees in community-based participatory research in healthcare
Ophthalmic Epidemiology – Baseline Prevalence of Trachoma in Refugee Settlements in Uganda: Results of 11 Population-based Surveys
PLOS One – Effect of peer counseling on acceptance of modern contraceptives among female refugee adolescents in northern Uganda: A randomised controlled trial
Research Square – Predictors of Access To Sexual And Reproductive Health Services By Urban Refugees In Kampala City, Uganda


ILO – Impact of COVID-19 on Refugee and Host Community Livelihoods: ILO PROSPECTS Rapid Assessment in two Refugee Settlements of Uganda
GoU/UNHCR – Uganda Refugee Response Plan (RRP) 2020-2021, Livelihoods & Resilience – Quarter 2, January – June 2021
UNDP – UNDP and CORE Supporting Refugee and Host Community Resilience


NEW – CARE – Access Protection Empowerment Accountability and Leadership (APEAL) II project Endline Evaluation
IIngenta Connect – Survey of violence against women at a refugee settlement in Uganda – African Elderly Refugees’ Perspectives on Needs Assessment and Response Processes in Refugee Camps in Uganda – The findings of the study show that older persons perceive themselves as being selectively supported, while they also notice that there are no clear criteria to identify their needs which are not prioritized, support groups exclude some of the older refugees, and there are no specific organizations that work with older refugees. The recommendation is that older people should feel included in all decisions that target them throughout intervention programs or support projects cycles.
GoU/UNHCR – Uganda Refugee Response Plan (RRP) 2020-2021, Quarter 2, January – March 2021 – Protection Dashboard; Gender-Based Violence Dashboard; Child Protection
Refugee Survey Quarterly – Re-Thinking Protection for LGBTI Refugees in Kampala, Uganda: A Relational, Trust-Based Approach


NEW – Utility-based approaches are key to sustainable water service delivery in Uganda
GoU/UNHCR – ,Uganda Refugee Response Plan (RRP) 2020-2021, WASH Dashboard – Quarter 2, January – June 2021


Christian Science Monitor – From inside a Ugandan camp, one refugee helps others tell their stories
Joint Data Center on Forced Displacement – Deconstructing borders: Mobility strategies of South Sudanese refugees in northern Uganda
Journal of Human Rights and Social Work – Refugee Integration and Globalization: Ugandan and Zimbabwean Perspectives
GoU –
Uganda Active Population Population by settlement: August 2021
Integrated Food Security Phase Classification Acute Malnutrition Refugee Settlements and Kampala – Launch Event

Performance Snapshot, Uganda Refugee Response Plan (RRP) 2020-2021 – Quarter 2, January – June 2021
Refugee Response Plan (RRP) 2020-2021- Quarter 2, January – June 2021 – Shelter, Settlement & NFI Dashboard; CBI dashboard; Food security
Performance Snapshot, Uganda Refugee Response Plan (RRP) 2020-2021 – Quarter 2, January – June 2021, Kampala Urban Refugees; Bidi Bidi; Kyaka II; Kiryandongo; Kyangwali; Oruchinga; Adjumani; Nakivale; Imvepi; Lobule; Rwamwanja; Palabek; Rhino; Palorinya
Refugee Statistics August 2021Rhino; Lobule; Adjumani; Bidi Bidi; Palorinya; Rwamwanja; Kampala; Oruchinga; Palabek; Nakivale; Imvepi; Kiryandongo; Kyaka II; Kyangwali;

GoU/UNCHR/WFP/UNICEF – Food Security and Nutrition Assessment Refugee Settlements and Kampala December 2020
Ideas – Sharing the little there is: towards a durable refugee-host relationship in Northern Uganda
Malmo University –, A plausibility probe of the relationship between local integration and refugee related violence Cases from countries piloting the Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework in Africa.
MDPI – Local Integration as Durable Solution? Negotiating Socioeconomic Spaces between Refugees and Host Communities in Rural Northern Uganda
Uganda: Market Monitor – Refugee Hosting Areas | Refugee Settlement Price and Market Functionality Snapshot, 1-31 August 2021
Market Monitor – Refugee Hosting Areas | Refugee Settlement Price and Market Functionality Snapshot, 1-31 July 2021

U-Learn, Mercy Corps, UKAID – “Intervention: Resilience and Emergency Response (BRIDGE)” Lessons Learned and Recommendations”
UN-Habitat/Urban Action Lab – Economic Development Assessment in West Nile Region, Uganda
Operational Update, August 2021
Operational Update Rwanda, August 2021 – 558 Burundian refugees crossed to Rwanda from Uganda to be assisted to repatriate to Burundi.
Q2 2021 Funding Update

UNHCR/World Bank – Joint Data Centre – Answering the Call: Forcibly Displaced During the Pandemic – August 2021
UNICEF Uganda Humanitarian Situation Overview (as of July – August 2021)
UNICEF Uganda Humanitarian Situation Report No. (July – August 2021)

USAID/WFP – Market Monitor Price Data Table Aug 2021

Training, Events, Funding etc:

Ockenden International – ,2022 Prizes Entry Rules & Judging Criteria – The deadline is midnight (GMT) on Tuesday the 30th of November 2021. The winners will be announced by the 31st of March 2022. The four winning organisations will each receive GBP25,000. Looking for projects that promote self-reliance among refugees and/or displaced people; projects providing education, legal assistance and/or livelihood assistance; or any other programmes that help refugees and/or displaced people build stable, independent lives. Projects that have proved to be highly effective in improving the lives of refugees and/or displaced people. Projects that have led to real change in the lives of refugees and/or displaced people.Effective initiatives, with measurable evidence of outcomes.