Products Providers Mapping

Actors operating in the energy space in the Uganda refugee response.


Energy Products Providers Mapping

Welcome to the energy products providers mapping.
This mapping provides an overview on actors operating in the energy space in the Uganda refugee response. It lists stakeholders providing products associated with energy for cooking and solar energy solutions in the refugee response: in the settlements, as well as in the refugee hosting districts and Kampala. The different stakeholders offer a range of solar energy products, categorized into pico systems, solar lighting and phone charging systems, and solar home systems (tiers 1, 2, and 3), as well as mini-grids. In addition, the mapping includes providers of cooking energy products such as three-stone stoves/open fires, traditional all-mud/clay stoves, traditional all-metal/iron stoves, gasifier stoves, kerosene wick stoves, improved mud stoves, improved charcoal stoves, improved ceramic stoves, solar cookstoves, electric pressure cookers, ethanol stoves, and briquettes.
This mapping was compiled in partnership with IMPACT initiatives, GIZ, and Power Africa.

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