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U-Learn provides dedicated support to the Uganda refugee response community

U-Learn is designed to promote improved outcomes for refugees and host communities in Uganda. In collaboration with government and a wide range of stakeholders, U-Learn focuses on facilitating learning, conducting assessments, and amplifying refugee voice and choice.
U-Learn is an NGO consortium delivered by Response Innovation Lab (hosted by Save the Children), International Rescue Committee, and IMPACT Initiatives, and is principally funded by UKaid.

Learning Hub

Facilitating cross-sectoral learning and encouraging uptake of key evidence amongst refugee response actors.

Learning Hub

Accountability to Affected Populations (AAP)

Empowering refugees and host communities to make their voices count all levels of refugee response planning.

Accountability to Affected Populations (AAP)


Conducting in-depth assessments to fill critical knowledge gaps in the refugee response.

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actor mapping

Settlement-Level Actor Mapping (SLAM)

In order to facilitate collaboration between national-level and settlement-level stakeholders, U-Learn maps actors that operate in refugee settlements across Uganda, and makes the information publicly available

Uganda Skilling Exchange
actor mapping

Uganda Skilling Exchange (USE)

The Uganda Response Innovation Lab (U-RIL) is an interactive tool to bridge the skills gap in refugee and host communities in Uganda. A multitude of skilling programmes exist, but they’re scattered, information about them is not readily accessible, and there is limited coordination which contributes to a persistent skills gap. USE provides a central hub where organizations can share their information and where those looking to upskill can access opportunities, filtered by location.

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Agri-tech Private Sector Actors (PSAs) in Uganda's refugee response

In partnership with the Livelihoods and Resilience Sector Working Group, and the United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) Uganda, U-Learn carried out a mapping of agri-tech service providers. This mapping gives a better view of Private Sector Actor (PSA) operating in the agriculture space in the Uganda refugee response.

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U-Learn is a consortium funded by UKAID and delivered in Uganda by the Response Innovation Lab (hosted by Save the Children) with IMPACT Initiatives and the International Rescue Committee.