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Uganda Skilling exchange

Welcome to the Uganda Response Innovation Lab (U-RIL) an interactive tool to bridge the skills gap in refugee and host communities in Uganda. A multitude of skilling programmes exist, but they’re scattered, information about them is not readily accessible, and there is limited coordination which contributes to a persistent skills gap. USE provides a central hub where organizations can share their information and where those looking to upskill can access opportunities, filtered by location.

The Uganda Skilling Exchange platform (USE)
is a game-changer!

Be a part of the solution – because when we empower individuals with skills, we empower communities to thrive. The data was collected by invited partners to fill out an online Excel spreadsheet with all the relevant information per programme. To supplement this online data collection, a Field Officer from IMPACT Initiatives as well as a Learning Hub staff member travelled throughout the North and Southwest (primarily focussed on the settlements) to identify relevant partners and meet them in person. This allowed us to also access information from partners with  limited access to the internet.


Data collection for hosting communities is ongoing and will be completed in 2024. The platform will be regularly updated in the next months.

Organisations that offer skilling/training courses are encouraged to edit and/or add their data through this LINK

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Uganda Skilling Exchange


All information included in the Uganda Skilling exchange tool was provided by the organizations themselves. U-learn is not responsible for the factual correctness of the visualized data. Care is taken to update the visualization on a regular basis, but some information visualized might be outdated. Please update your information by requesting access your account or emailing us.

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